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HOWDY!!!  We are a family out in the country, raising our children and a couple of Airedales.  Our Airedales, Woodrow and Rose are members of our family.  They run free, hunt and play till their hearts desires.  They protect and guard our homestead and children.  Woodrow is a snake killer and protector and Rose is a true sweetheart and guardian.  They are very intelligent and have all the potential to do anything you train them too.  Once you have had an Airedale you will find that any other dog is just a dog. 

"The Airedale," declared Teddy Roosevelt, "can do anything any other dog can do, then lick the other dog, if he has to."


The Airedale Terrier is the largest breed of Terriers.  It originated in Airedale, a geographic area in Yorkshire, England.  It is traditionally called "King of Terriers" because of its size and demeanor.  It was bred from a Black and Tan Terrier and an Otterhound.  Males normally weigh 50-65 pounds, females 40-45 pounds.  Woodrow weighs about 70 pounds right now and Rose before puppies did to.  Some of their puppies from their first two litters weigh over 95 pounds!!!!

Airedales have what is called a broken coat.  The coat is hard and dense in the black and tan but curly and soft in the silver and tans.  With regular brushing the Airedales may shed very little.  Here in Texas we let their coats grow out for the winter but shave them down for our HOT summers.  With a good set of clippers this is no problem.  The AKC breed standard states that the correct coat color is either a black saddle, with a tan head, ears and legs;  or a dark grizzle saddle (black mixed with gray and white).  There are examples of non standard black coated and red coated Airedales (these CANNOT be AKC registered.)   Our Airedales ARE AKC REGISTERED.

Airedales are active and agile.  They can be used as working dogs and also as a hunting dog.  They also exhibit some herding characteristics as well.  They have no problem working with cattle and livestock as long as they are trained to.  The Airedale has been bred to hunt independently so the dog is very intelligent, independent, strong minded, stoic and can sometimes be stubborn.  They are equally loving and protective. 

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DON'T MISS THIS!!!  Woodrow vs. snake!  Woodrow wins again!!!








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